Event Horizon in Dp7.02

Ever since switching from Dp 5.13 to DP 7 the GUI for Event Horizon will not open. The plug in will load and process audio but I have no GUI to control it with. I can still choose presets, oddly enough. I believe it has something to do with the MAS Audio Unit Support bundle that gets installed with DP 7. I am still on OSX 10.4.11. Any solutions to this problem?


Does anyone know anything about this? Is it going to be fixed? I would like to continue using Event Horizon especially since I paid for it. Also considering getting CMX, I have the demo right now but the GUI wont open for that either. Any news on the horizon. Ha Ha?

Have you downloaded the beta versions linked on the front page?

YES, if there’s a problem, we want to fix it. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to maintain compatibility with Snow Leopard all the way back to 10.4, but we’ll try.


Yes, I have the beta versions installed and they don’t work, no GUI. Do these versions work in Snow Leopard? I seem to remember people at Motunation having similar problems on SL. I will post a question there.

I’ve got one report of Rocket working in SL but still causing some trouble in DP 7. It seems the Rocket interface has to be closed or in the background to regain control of DP.

Regain control? Do you mean pressing spacebar for transport, etc? That’s not solely a problem with our plugins…several other notable vendors have the same issue. It seems to be a problem with how DP deals with plugins that have Cocoa UIs. I’m working with MOTU on the issue, but if it involves changes on their end there’s not much I can do to fix it.

If you mean something else, then please explain.


Updated betas posted on downloads.stillwellaudio.com/stillwell/beta/

I have verified that the GUI comes up and is responsive in DP7 on 10.4.11 (G4 Sawtooth…you wanna talk about SLOW…jeez)


Updated again because of some bad optimizations…I did test these in DP 7 and Logic 8 on a PPC 10.4.11 and DP 7 / Logic 9 on an Intel 10.6.2. Behaving perfectly normal.


Hi Scott, I’ve tried the newest betas for Event Horizon and CMX, in DP 7.02 on Tiger 10.4.11 and I still don’t get a GUI to work with. Am I doing something wrong? I know you said you tested with Tiger and that they were working. I am on an Intel machine. Thanks for any info.

Event Horizon setting not saved in Live8
when loading project GUI always showing the “Failure…” :frowning:

10.5.8 Macbook Pro Live 8.09 Event Horizon AU beta Dec.09

I don’t have that specific combination…I’m on 10.4.11 on a PowerPC G4 Mac, but given that it runs fine on the same version of DP on an Intel in 10.6.2, I can’t imagine what the problem would be. It’s not just Event Horizon…it’s CMX as well? That’s even weirder because that’s two different programmers writing code on two different machines and getting the same problem.

I don’t have a full version of Live, just the demo, so I can’t test loading and saving…but have you tried the load/save functionality in any other host? Have you tried using the VST version instead of AU?

Trying to nail down where the problem’s coming from.


VST version’s GUI greyed out after saving a project.

When switching between the clip and limiter mode each tracks go out sync.
EH does not seem to report latency correctly to live 8.

Event Horizon DOES report latency at all times…some hosts may not handle plugins that change latency. If you stop and start the transport after changing between clip and limit, does it go back in sync, or does it remain out of sync?

Can you try this? Make a copy of one of the projects that has the problem with the VST. Remove Event Horizon from the project altogether, then save the project. Quit Live and start it back up. Open the project and re-add Event Horizon, set parameters however you like, then save the project. Does it still go back to disabled when you re-load it after that?


I tried as you said.
SAME… :frowning:
GUI greyed out and settings not recalled
Difference is PDC problem occurs in Limit mode.

I’ll see what I can find, but I’ve had no other reports of those settings not sticking.

Did you try stopping and starting the transport after switching between limit and clip? You didn’t answer the question.


Also, does the same problem occur if you use the AU version instead of VST?


Another thought…you don’t have an envelope set on the Mode control that might be pulling it back to “off”, do you?


I’ve tried the latest beta for Event Horizon (Dec. 13/2009) . And I still have no GUI in DP 7.02 on OS 10.4.11.

I don’t know what to tell you…it works fine here on DP7 on 10.4.11. If I can’t reproduce the problem, I’m not going to have much luck fixing it.

I’ve added it to projects, saved, quit DP7 and relaunched it, reopened the project…the plugin comes up and works, and it comes back up with the correct settings that I saved.

Can you maybe create a small test project that exhibits the problem and upload it somewhere for me to test with? If it’s broken I’d really like to fix it, but from this end it sure doesn’t look broken.