problem pro tools

Hi scott .
I have problems with pro tools 8.04 with mac osx 10.6 and event horizon.
when I bypass track ,it play later rispect of all the track and often crash . seems being then the demo.
on the back (logo) it appears the inscription 'Registered to: PAY UP DIPSTICK version 1 . version would not owe us be event horixon+? I am not able to find it. I use the evalutation page for download .wrapper(fxpansion) function perfectly and it is the last up-to-date version (2.1). I am tired of wasting time. can you give me the new working version and the new authorization? how do disintall everything and put new version?

help me


you say: 17 Mar 10: Plugin update: All Stillwell plugins – Mac OS X plugins updated, Formal support for Snow Leopard. All Stillwell plugin versions updated to 2.00.00.

good. Where is installer? download page?
i don’t know if i have to download evalutation copy or not.
in my page evalutation copy,version 2 there is not.


The version on the product page IS the latest non-beta version, regardless of what anything else may say. Make sure that you are actually replacing your plugin with the new copy. There are TWO locations where the plugin can be loaded, even if you’re using just the stock locations…the Library/Audio/Plugins/Components|VST folder at the root of your hard drive, and the same one in your home folder.


hi scott ,i do it but nothing .there is always problem that i said.

How i do? i tried also osx betas but it is not good.

do you send me installer and authorization again?


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