Event horizon crash ableton

EventHorizon crash ableton when im take it a way from master chanel or audio ins chanel or audio chanel.

please help me!

al the best,

John-peter andersson

Which version of Live?

What platform? (PC or Mac)

What OS and version?

Are you using the VST or AU version of our plugs? (if you’re on a Mac)

Are you using the latest beta versions of our plugs? (mostly if you’re on a Mac)

Is there any error message when this happens? Please include the details.

We need more information than “it crashes” to fix your problem. Please help us help you.


version of Live? 8.1.1 and logic 8.2 to some times random in bouth world.

What platform? (PC or Mac) Mac 2+3.2 GHZ Quad-core

OS and version? 1.5.8

AU version

The one on your side

Is there any error message when this happens? Please include the details. yes in logic when it crash it tells me maby some thing is wrong with the Eventhorizon file.

al the best,

John-peter andersson

Please download latest beta. Changes have been made within last two days that may help you.


Where do i find the new beta Scott?

I already told you…in another thread. :slight_smile:

Also mentioned on here in various other places…search is your friend.


Hi Scott!

is this the latest beta Betas again for DP 6.02...
or give me some hint on where to find it!

al the best,


That’s exactly where it is. I just keep reusing that whenever I have new code.


Nice i try it,I really love this limiter!I have waves and uad and izotope but this one gives me the best result every time on beats and tracks.
Big love and al the best!

Hi scott!
No crashes so far!