EventHorizon crashes Reaper...

The thing is, after some investigation on my part I get to this:

Reaper v3.45rc1
Event Horizon latest version picked from the download page today to be sure.

The Reaper project has 3 instances of EH. 1 on the master track and the other two on different tracks. Right now the only instance that is “online” is the one on the master track, the other two are in offline mode. This project “configuration” opens up completely fine. If I then bring one of the offline EHs online Reaper crashes immediately (eventhorizon-plus.dll). But… if I first choose to display the EH at the master track and can literally see it’s GUI I have no problems at all to take any of the two offline EHs online. Yes, it’s a registered copy of EH but by removing the key-file I get the same faulty behavior so no differences there.

One other way to bypass this problem is to first create a project with a single instance of EH and view the GUI. Then load this other project with multiple instances of EH. Though this feels like a workaround. :neutral_face:

Guess it has something to do with the GUI and the validation process… but what do I know. :slight_smile:

If you need more info just tell me and I’ll get back to you.



Still got the same problem… evenhorizon_plus.dll crashes Reaper 3.45… :cry:

I can’t reproduce it…I’ve got the same configuration…two event horizons on tracks, offlined, one event horizon on master, online. save and close project, re-open. bring one of the offline copies online…works fine without displaying the master copy’s GUI first.

Can you get me a small project with media that reproduces the error?


PM sent. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Emails exchanged, waiting for response from third party.


Crap… Scott, I am having crashes from Event Horizon too.
Reaper 3.51 and Event Horizon have suddenly decided to play dirty with eachother.
If even one instance EH is in a session when it closes, the session must be opened with FX offline, or reap just goes poof while loading the session.
In a couple of cases, turning the FX on one at a time after opening w / FX off… When I turn EH on… Poof!!
Usually not, but then when I try and reopen the session it wont happen without all of the FX off.

Scott, what am I going to do?
I use this plug on every session!
If I can help, please let me know!

Reaper 3.51
Quadcore / 3GB RAM
In the sessions that are farting out…
Only PSP (OldTimer & EQ’s) & Cockos (Delay / EQ) Plugs used besides yours (Rocket, Bombardier, BadBuss)

I’ll get with the Cockos guys and figure it out…there has to be something changed on their end, since nothing changed on mine…


Grab latest Reaper and turn on Options > Preferences > VST > Allow complete unload of VST plug-ins, and see if it makes any difference.