Rocket Comp and 1973 EQ Crashing Reaper


This is new. I’ve had occasions where either or both of these plug-ins just stop working on a track in Reaper. Usually I just save my work, close and re-open Reaper and problem solved.

Today, not only do the aforementioned plug-ins go dead when I’m trying to render to an mp3 (LAME encoder), but when I try to remove either plug from their respective track after replacing it with another plug in, Reaper crashes. Crashes only when I remove either the 1973 or the Rocket. Strange.

What could be happening and how can I ‘fix’ this?



MacBook 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
OSX 10.6.3
Reaper v3.52
Logic 8
Ableton Live Lite 8

Are you running the latest versions of our plugins?

Are you using the AU or VST version?

What version of REAPER?

When it crashes, OS X will generate a crash report…copy and paste the information in the crash report into a post here or email to support at stillwellaudio dot com. Email might be better…it can be pretty lengthy.


Perhaps I don’t have the latest versions. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but where do I get the updates from?

I am using the AU versions

Reaper is 3.52

I will get a crash report and email it over to you as soon as I am able.



It’s not stupid at all. Just re-download the plugin from the website like the first time, and overwrite the ones that are already in place.


I will re-download both plugins right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks Scott!



The issue is not going away. Both plugins seem to randomly work or not as they please. I just opened a project I’ve been working on, I am using both plugins through out the mix and right now, not one instance of either of them is working.

I have downloaded and installed the latest versions too.

This is frustrating.


Crash report?

There is no crash report this time, Reaper is still working. The plugins themselves aren’t working, or won’t, or can’t.

If I remove them from their fx chain and re-insert w/ the same settings, they will work. The moment I try to render anything (I’m trying to create stereo stems for a client, btw), the plugins mysteriously stop working. If I want to ‘reboot’ them, it seems I have to go through each track fx chain every time - remove and re-insert.

It is definitely the 1973 and Rocket Compressor that are acting buggy: If I turn them off in the fx chain, the track plays. The moment either of them are turned on, no playback from the affected track.

I swear I am not doing anything out of the ordinary here…


And another question is:

Why does every time I load up either Rocket or 1973, that it has to keep telling me that they are licensed to me? Shouldn’t they simply load and go? These are legal, none of my other plugins appear to ‘validate’ every single time I try to use one.

Is this normal?



Have I crossed some sort of line or something?

Yes, it’s normal. If your plugins are licensed, you can simply click on the license screen and it will go away. If the plugins are unlicensed, clicking on that screen will take you to the website.

I’m considering whether I should change that or not, and if so, what to do in its place.