okay, what am I doing wrong here?

This is probably just me, but I bought your Rocket compressor plug-in, and I can’t get it to show up.

I bought the reaper only non commercial license. I got the key. the little download icon shows up, I follow the directions, click yes, and next, and so on. the .dll vst thing shows up in the folder. How do I get it into Reaper? Dragging and dropping the .dll doesn’t work, I get a ‘reaper was unable to import 1 item’ notice. Same thing if I try to drag and drop the whole folder. Am I supposed to do something else? I’m guessing so-I’m not new to recording, but I’m a tape machine guy, I’m just learning computer recording. Help?

thanks in advance!

Chris Meck

I’m assuming you’re on Windows, since you evidently downloaded the installer and got it to run. One of the questions it asked was “where do you want to install the plugins?”, or words to that effect. If you had no other VST plugins, it probably chose a directory like C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins. In Reaper, you need to make sure that the VST Plugin path (Options > Preferences > Plugins > VST > VST plugin paths) includes that directory. Just hit the add button next to the plugin path and select the directory you chose when you installed the plugin.

As far as the key file goes…when you downloaded that after you purchased it, just be sure to put IT into the same directory that you installed the plugin to.

That’s all.


never mind-got it to work. I had to create a file and put it on my desktop and then load it into that one; somehow something wasn’t working right with the directory that was automatically being created. No worries. Thanks! Really sounds fantastic. It reminds me a fair amount of an 1176. Not a plug-in, but an actual 1176. Was that the idea?


Rocket? Hmmm…ultra-fast attack times, 4 ratio buttons at 4:, 8:, 12:, and 20:1, the ability to push them ALL in at the same time…