I initially installed, via you installers, the JS version as i am only using them in Reaper.

The install went fine but there was no graphic interface.

I was told to use the VST version for the interface so I got the installers. They kept going to an SSL folder on my comp and I caught that and redirected the install to c:\program files\reaper\plugins.

I see them ther but they now wont show up in VST. How can I wipe it all clean and try again to get to right? didnt expect issues like this.

I’m really hoping to get these working. They look promising and fun. :frowning:

Sorry for the delay, man…even we take time off for things ocasionally. In REAPER, make sure that your VST program path includes the directory where the plugin was installed. If you actually copied the plugin into the Reaper plugin directory, it should actually be in reaper\plugins\fx.

There is no JS installer for our plugins. Those plugins are part of REAPER, and get installed along with REAPER itself.

If the VST plugins were installing to an SSL directory, that’s because our installers look for a standard Steinberg VST registry key and use whatever directory it points to.


Hey Scott. Thanks very much and yes, everyone deserves time off. Sorry for my lack of patience. :blush:

I didn’t realize I had the JS and got them fromt he site anyway. Oh well.

And yes, they went in the wrong folder. Thanks for the info, I will reset my folders and do it again.

Thanks a mill… can’t wait to play. :wink: