won't see the plugs

Hey scott

I just switched to mac for the 1st time and I’m installing my “old” plugs (rocket-schope-transient-eventhorizon) in my MB pro (plus bombardier-1973-vibeEQ which I want to try)

I dwonloaded the OSX VST version and installed them, saved the key files in the VST folder but Reaper doesn’t see the plugs.

all apart from Schope :open_mouth:

I double checked your guide here before posting and re-did the procedure from scratch. still no plugs

I went to the VST folder and I actually found schope + the keys only. no trace of the other plugs

any idea?


Exactly what folder did you install the plugins in? Which folder did you find schOPE in?

If the files aren’t there, then either you didn’t copy them where you thought you did, or you didn’t have permissions to do so…although that should have prompted you for authentication if so.


in the VST folder
more specifically user/library/audio/plugins/vst
didnt’ get any autho message tho’
during the install I dragged them as requested (new to these things. longtime pc user). installed using the diskmounter by default

btw do I need a different key for the OSX version?

oki oki…wait!

I was clickin here (noob on this OS) and there and found that there’s another VST folder in the mac :smiley:

the installer was pointing there

everything is fine now

thanks for the quick reply Scott :wink:

EDIT: for future users just in case

the other folder is in machintosh HD/library/audio/plugins/VST :mrgreen: