Registration problem

Just bought 1973, Vibe, and Rocket. I copied the registration keys to the vst folder where they were installed (C:\Program Files\VstPlugins). When I add those 3 plugins to Reaper tracks Vibe and 1973 show the “Evaluation copy” message. With Rocket it seems to be ok, no message pops up. What am I missing? I don’t think this is the problem but I double mouse clicked on one of the key files in my download directory before I realized they are not activated that way. I am using Reaper 3.22 on a PC with Windows 7 32bit. My swift order number is U788443501.

The registration key files have to have an extension .key and not .txt or something like that. If they don’t, you can rename them. If The Rocket is registered correctly, take a look at the registration file in that folder, that will show you what a key file should look like with the other VSTs.


Thanks for the advice. The extensions for the files are “.key” same as the Rocket key. Right after I first posted I sent the two key files to Scott and he determined that they are corrupted. He is now working on the problem of why their system is sending out corrupted key files now and will send me new files soon.

Well, there’s nothing you can do when having a corrupted key file. I’m sure that Scott will straighten this out soon. It’s a good thing that the VSTs are not crippled when not registered and that you can use them in your projects. :slight_smile:

The plugs you purchased are in my Stillwell ‘collection’ too and I have to say I really love them.

New keys were generated early this morning and should be in your inbox. Please let me know here or via email if you haven’t received them or if they still don’t work.


I never got that latest email. I just received an email stating “Your keycode/serial number will be e-mailed within the next day” right after my second email to you. Please try resending again.

Ahhh, crud. That’s an issue with SWREG that they’re supposedly straightening out by this coming Wednesday. There is no reason you should get a “within the next day” message. When I issue a test order, or when payment clears on a real order, their system contacts mine and gets the keys RIGHT THEN, there is no waiting…or at least there shouldn’t be.

I’ll send them the order number and see if I can get them to push things along. Not much else I can do from this end. Sorry. :frowning:


No problem I can live with the annoying messages at least for a few more days. The plugins sound great and are very useful. I noticed both the Rocket and 1973 have some useful presets to help me get started but none for Vibe. Can they be added and are there some available for download?

SWreg sent me an email stating that I can go to the links in the body of that email to get my key files but there were no links. I replied back to them about the problem and now I am still waiting for their next response.

bangs head on desk

Sorry, man. I’m doing what I can to fix this problem long-term, but short-term we’re all kinda having to deal with the pain, which is not pleasant for anybody involved.


UPDATE…Just received another email from SWREG that my key files will be sent “within the next day”. We’ll see!

SWREG, the company that takes the online orders and sends out the key files, finally got the corrupted key files issue sorted out thanks to Scott.