Rocket and Major Tom sporadically mute output

I’ve run into this a fair amount since I’ve started using Stillwell plugs, and I’m not certain that I can replicate it.

I’m using Reaper 4.14 64bit on OS X, 10.6.7. This problem is with Major Tom and Rocket, versions 2. Sometimes, when I go to render a mix that uses these plugs on the master fader, Reaper outputs a track of the correct length but with digital silence. If the plugs are used on tracks, sometimes when I render the file those tracks are muted in the output. After this happens, the tracks are also muted on playback. I can’t quite figure out how to get them to come back; I turn things on and off at random until it starts working again.

Today I’ve been able to replicate the problem like this:
in Reaper, start a new project. I’m running at 88.2/24. Create a new track. Arm the track for recording, and record a couple seconds. Normalize the new audio region so there’s some noise on the track, and then drag the track fader (in the mixer) down to -12 or so. Open the track’s FX window (in the mixer), and add Rocket. Drag Rocket from the FX window and drop onto the “FX” button on the master fader, copying the plugin to the master channel. Close the FX windows. Upon playback, I get silence. Weirdly, if I play the project before adding the plugins, I don’t get silence in the end.

Is this a known problem, and if so is there a work-around? I’m trying to export mixes for a band I’m recording, but I keep getting silence. This is driving me batty…

I’m hoping to have public betas available within a week or so…I’m working on AU sidechains right now, or I’d send you a copy to test with.

Hang tight…you’ll see the announcement on the front page and on the forums.


Great! Hoping those will fix the problem.

Actually…since you’re on OS X, have you tried using VST if you were using AU, or vice-versa? It’d be interesting to see if the problem occurs in both formats, or just one.


Stillwell plugins are awesome sounding plugins and I would change any of my Waves bundles for stable 64bit AU by Stillwell.
I would pay much more for stable working 64bit AU of The Rocket, Vibe-EQ, 1973 and MajorTom.

Yeah really is. Money isn’t the problem with most of us I guess. I’d pay all over again for fully working Mac-VST64 and even buy more Stillwell, but 1973 and MajorTom alone have been rather useless for me such long time already.