Rocket crashes Logic 9


Just purchased and installed the amazing Rocket.
Unfortunately I’ve had 3 crashes in Logic in 30 minutes after using it :frowning:
Seems like the major prob is when I’m deleting or moving the plug from the signal chain.
Selecting and using it has worked so far…although I got the spinning beach ball the first time.

Anything I can do to get rid of these crashes? Or at least minimize them.

Logic Studio 9
Intel Mac 8 Core 2.8 ghz
4 GB Ram
OSX 10.5.8

Try pulling a copy of the betas that are linked on the front page of the website…let me know if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, please copy/paste a copy of the crash report here or email it to support at stillwellaudio dot com.

Sorry for the inconvenience…we DO encourage people to test-drive our plugins BEFORE buying them, that’s why there’s no technical limitations and a 30-day test period. Regardless of whether you tested beforehand or not, though, we want to fix the problem.



hi scott,

i did try the evaluation copy first, with no prob :slight_smile:

although it might no longer be a prob at all. for some reason, after installing the rocket key,
logic started to act weird on me. in a general way so to speak. i got some overload messages
and some strange stuff about wrong sample rates or whatever. i installed the latest apple patch
and changed disk for recording audio. haven’t had any crashes since, so hopefully that did the trick!

thanx for the reply!
and i’ll post the crash log if it happens again…brrrrr…