Logic Pro 9 not getting along with plugs!?

Scott, I heard about your plugins while on a forum for drum mixing in home studios. I have downloaded the beta copies of various plugs, and have fell in love with three of them. The Rocket makes a 20" kick with a Beta 52A sound huge enough to take your knee caps out. The Transient Monster makes my snare drum sound so much more present in the mix. Event Horizon is absolutlely incredible for all sorts of applications. I watch the peak meter in logic come down and hear the loudness increase. Simply magical and all this with warmth! I plan to purchase these as I am very impressed, however, I need to work through some bugs. I run Logic 9 on a 20" Intel iMac with the typical dual core processor (2.66GHz), 4Gb of RAM, and SL. I have read the forum and understand some people have gotten “pops” in the past. This is happening to me seemingly on a random basis during playback (not always in the same temporal point in the arrangement). It’s pretty scary when it happens and I have to change my shorts a lot. Also, Logic quit on me three times last night after I inserted these plugs on the before mentioned channel strips (Kick/Snare). I had placed a copy of all three on the two channel strips and bypassed them to make some A/B comparisons. Also, I noticed heavy core usage with the oversampling on with the Rocket- do I not have enough computer for this? Also, with the plugs on, my latency when recording drums has gotten very noticable. Usually, I have no problems with this. Can you help me work through these issues?

If you get a crash, I need the crash report. Just copy and paste the whole thing into a text file, and then attach the file here if you can. If you can’t, you can mail it to support at stillwellaudio dot com.

As far as pops go…if you can get it to reliably do it under certain conditions, try to bundle up the smallest possible project that does it and send it to me…if you have problems doing that, let me know and we’ll try to work it out.

I haven’t had any problems of that sort or I would have already fixed them.

Definitely want to help get you sorted, though…let’s see what we can do to make it happen for you.


Thanks for the prompt response. Didn’t get to play with tonight, but when I do, I’ll pull together some specifics for you. Any ideas on the CPU overload or the latency?

Umm…oversampling will use a bit more than twice as much CPU with it on as with it off…it’s running twice as fast inside, and running a set of antialiasing filters to get rid of frequency artifacts above Nyquist frequency. So, I don’t know what “overload” is to you, but it SHOULD use more. If it uses 1% CPU on your machine, it will use a bit more than 2% with oversampling on, etc. A dual-core Intel iMac should be plenty to run many instances of it.

For a reference, running on an Athlon quad core Windows machine, Rocket uses about 0.4% CPU with Decadence (oversampling) off, and about 0.8% with it on. On a 1.6 GHz Core Duo Mac Mini running Snow Leopard with Logic 9.1, If there’s a per-plugin CPU meter I don’t know where to find it, but I can’t see any difference in CPU use when I add an instance of Rocket.

Rocket has ZERO latency. None. I won’t say that you’re imagining it, because obviously you hear what you hear, but Rocket is NOT delaying audio passing through it. At all.


EDIT I just realized…you’re talking about more than one plugin here…Event Horizon DOES have latency, since it’s a lookahead limiter. When in “limit” mode, it will have a latency of 2048 samples (4.64 ms at 44.1kHz). When in “clip” mode, it has zero latency, but not all hosts will react correctly to plugins that change latency. I would recommend not trying to track through Event Horizon in limit mode…it’s not designed for that. 4.6 ms isn’t all that much even for a drummer, but when you add it on top of the latency of your sound interface, it could get to be a bit much.


Did you ever get the pops and clicks ironed out? Still no solution here and MANY users complaining on other boards about nearly ALL AU third party plug-ins in Logic producing this exact issue. It’s not Stillwell Audio’s fault - it’s a Logic AU issue. We need a hero.