Annoying buffer-emptying noises

Much as I love the sound of Stillwell plugins, there is one insanely annoying problem with most of the ones I’ve tried: audio buffer non-clearance.

Play a song, stop the song, go to the beginning of the song and hit play again - and you get a little “blap” of sound, which is a remnant of the audio the plugin was ABOUT to process when you hit stop. Stillwell plugins are not clearing their audio buffers when told to.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve bounced a song down, only to play back the mix and find a little “blap” on the beginning. The exasperating workaround is to hit play/stop a few times until you get no more “blaps”.

Even more insidious is if an audio region on the track with the Stillwell plugin doesn’t begin until part way into the song, the “blap” happens within the song, about half a second or so before that audio region starts.

I’m running Logic 7.2 and there’s more info here:

If this is something you could look at, Scott, I’d be most mighty pleased. Right now it’s enough of a problem to stop me spending any more $ on the plugins as they’re almost like beta versions at the moment.

I hear you, and yes, I’d love to resolve that. I will point out, however that Logic 7 is a few years old and that eventually the AU programming interfaces will change enough that I won’t be able to support it.

As far as I know, this does NOT occur in newer versions of Logic, although it had been a problem before.


PS: On additional thought…do you have the most recent versions of the plugins?

Hi Scott

Thanks for the quick reply. I think it DOES happen with newer versions of Logic. The tech support article I linked to is dated August 2008 and mentions all versions of Logic 7 and Logic 8, and I discovered that article through someone on Logic Users Forum having a similar problem (with different plugins) using Logic 9.

Just to make sure, I’m going to download and re-install all the Stillwell plugins I use just to make sure.

Many thanks!