any Logic users experiencing this?

Hi everyone,

New to this forum but i’ve made the leap by purchasing all of the Stillwell plugs except for the Bad Buss Mojo. Kickass sounding stuff from Scott I must say!

On to something i’ve discovered while using the plugins in Logic 8. I’m sure you guys know in the plugin window, there’s the option to view plugins in its usual GUI look or the other looks which is called ‘controls’ if i remember the term correctly. I realised that whatever values that are being tweaked in the GUI interface, once I switch over to the ‘controls’ view all the settings are as if it was never tweaked and vice versa.

It’s supposed to reflect exactly the same for both view options, but with Stillwell plugs it seems like a separate entity. I’ll go try soon by using the Rocket comp in its GUI view and setting a crushed setting and then a subtle setting in the ‘control’ view. Will report back soon!

Can you please try downloading one or more of the schwa plugins and see if they exhibit the same behavior???



Hi Scott,

Sorry for the very late reply. I’ve bought the Schwa Schope to help with my work, it exhibits the same problem as the Stillwell plugs in which the GUI and ‘view controls’ do not tally/update with knob tweaks and selections. Do i assume that it’s a problem exclusively to Logic?

As far as I know, only Logic users have ever seen this. I just got a copy of Logic 8 a few days ago…haven’t had a chance to install it yet. Guess I better get on it.