Logic Pro 8 and 9 random pops with 1973

These pops show up randomly during playback and in mixdown. It’s sort of rendered these plugins useless to me at the moment. Is there a way to get the pops and clicks to stop? My cpu meter indicates that my cpu hasn’t broken a sweat and the session is fine with the 1973 bypassed. The pop is originating from the channel with the 1973 - it’s even visible on the channel’s meter when it occurs. I would say it’s generally before the start of a new region and definitely random. My machine is a duo core 2.5 macbook pro with 4GB ram and my hd is a g-drive on fw800. This machine has never had problems in logic. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

OS version and specific versions of Logic, please?

I haven’t had a report of this before, but if I can find it, I will fix it. Also, if it’s possible to create a small session that reliably reproduces the problem, maybe you can send it to me to test with.

You do have the latest version from the website, do you not? We released updated plugins about a month ago…


I am sorry - I just realized that I failed to run software update after installing the logic 9 upgrade. Installing the 9.0.1 and 9.1.1 now. I will report back here in a couple hours after the updates are installed. I’m guessing this will fix the problems I’m having as they likely have nothing to do with Stillwell Audio and more to do with the Audio Unit issues mentioned in the software update notes…

Ok - up to Logic 9.1.1 and OSX 10.5.8. I’m still getting random pops and clicks with both Vibe EQ and 1973; however, I have the same issue with most of the IK Multimedia T-racks 3 plug-ins as well. I have wi-fi/air port OFF as well. Another issue I’m having with Vibe EQ and 1973 is that the UI forgets my settings (the EQ is still in the signal but the UI is wrong). Each time I notice this I get the “Thank you for registering” flash over the UI - even though I’ve restarted the computer and logic numerous times since installing the stillwell plug-in license files. I’m still guessing that Logic simply hasn’t figured out how to get third-party au plug-ins working. I’m going to try just freezing tracks and seeing if that gets me anywhere. Thousands in software and nothing works…glorious :smiley:

I’m going to take my complaints to the logic boards - if you know any tricks feel free to let me know.


Just so you know; this occurs with 1973 and Vibe EQ. It has something to do with the way the plug-in engages just before an audio region is encountered in the time line. A random, audible pop occurs and is even visible on the track’s meter. DDMF and some other manufacturers have figured out how to fix this - though I have no idea what the solution is. The hack for fixing it in the timeline is automating a mute to hide the pop just before the region begins.

I’m assuming that logic has some sort of callback designated to start DSP in the plug-in. This must occur before audio regions are encountered so that by the time the region is encountered the DSP is running and ready to process the incoming signal. This pop occurs somewhere in here…before the region…but in a random place and with random volume.

I think I may have found at least part of the issue…I’l have beta builds up soon. Keep an eye open for updates.


Thanks Scott. You are going beyond the call of duty but thank you for leading the way to possibly finding a solution. You are going to have some very happy Logic users on your hands!

Just a note – one of the other plug manufacturers with the AU pop/click before a new region in Logic issue has solved the problem. Got this from IK Multimedia yesterday:

Downloaded the updates and the fix is working smoothly…no more pops/clicks just before region. Did you ever have any luck with this issue?

Hi Scott,

Has anything been resolved with this issue as I’m experiencing exactly the same Problem using Logic Pro 8. I take it this is an issue that is specific to Logic? I’ve been testing a couple of the plugs for a few weeks and am loving 1973, but if this is an ongoing problem is may be difficult to work with particularly as I work with acoustic audio sound and headphone mix a lot. Great work though…