1973 in logic 8 express

How do I install 1973 in logic 8 express - logic either completely ignores it or fails to validate it?

If you’re using the AU version, it needs to be either in:

/ Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components


/ System / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components

You will not be able to put the plug-in in the System location if your user account is not an administrator account for the Mac.

VST plugins are treated much the same, except the pathnames will end with VST instead of Components

Be sure that you’re downloading the RELEASE version of our plugins from the links on the product pages…NOT the “Beta” versions mentioned in the forums. I have deleted those files, as they were our very FIRST beta versions, and are four months out of date.


Hi Scott, thanks for the quick reply - the bad news is I’ve done all that and logic can’t see 1973.
I’ve run the AU manager but 1973 does not show up - thought macs were supposed to be intuitive.

I’ll check it out. I had some Logic 8 users reporting that it was working…I guess I’ll have to buy a copy of Logic after all. :frowning:


if its any comfort 1973 will not load in Reaper either - WTF is wrong with my poxy mac?

Are you using the AU or the VST version in REAPER? Logic I don’t have…Reaper, I do. It works no problems in Reaper, Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, 10.5.4, latest Reaper Beta. I can use both VST and AU versions with no probems…


Works on my MacBook Pro just fine and I just installed the latest versions of the Stillwell plugs and all is fine in Logic 8. It could be that you need to erase the plug-in cache on your Mac to make Logic have a fresh rescan of the plugs in your AU folder. I clear out my cache anytime I update plugs to newer versions. There have been times in the past where I couldn’t get plugs to license properly due to this and this has only been an issue with Logic and none of my other audio apps get hung up about the cache thing.

heya mauvehead…I recall your problems…is all okay now?

crosses fingers…


OK working fine now in both logic and Reaper so I guess it was operator error.
One more question - I authorised 1973 on my xp machine - do I just copy the same key file over or is it not that simple?

Same keys work on Mac and PC. Each license authorizes two machines, so just copy the .key file over and put it in the directory with the VST .dll file.

It’s just that simple.




I loaded up a dummy song on my MacBook Pro using audio loops on twelve different tracks and then I started loading each track with a bunch of your plugs. Here was the total plug-in count that I got up to before I quit:

24 instances of 1973 EQ!!!
12 instances i[/i] of Bad Buss Mojo (Demo), Event Horizon, Rocket Comp (Demo), Major Tom, Transient Monster, and Vibe EQ

With all of that going at once I only hit around 40% on Logic’s CPU meters with system latency set at 5.9ms for my Presonuns FireStudio/Digimax rig. No hiccups, drop-outs, or crashes. Wow. Also worth noting is that my MacBook Pro’s current hard drive is a 320GB 5400rpm and so I am assuming that folks with faster 7200rpm drives could see even more simultaneous instances of your plugs on their Macs. Also, I tried reloading the song after shutting Logic down (since that was often where Logic would choke on your plugs) and all was fine and dandy. I’m guessing that you have fixed the bugs I mentioned per our emails. Well done and a BIG THANK YOU!!!

Also, Bad Buss Mojo is rapidly growing on me (as I keep twiddling with it) and Rocket was an instant hit with me. Will be licensing both of those as soon as my music budget allows. Rocket is simply outstanding IMHO and it does for comping what VibeEQ does for EQ’ing. Pure magic and excellent presets to get things in the ballpark.

Again, thanks for addressing those bugs I was having in Logic8 and for standing behind your customers’ needs after the fact.

All the Best…


P.S. I still wouldn’t mind some sort of magical multi-band comp with stereo width controls (hint hint)… :wink: