MT crashing LogicStudio


I’ve been demoing your plugs and tried to grab the AU Major Tom. The installer says the file is corrupt when I install it. I am able to get the component file moved into my plugs folder but then when I try to fire up LogicStudio, it crashes Logic during the plug-in scan. I tried downloading the MT installer several times and keep having the same issues every time. My set-up is an '07 MacBook Pro 2.4 Core2Duo, 4 GBs RAM, with the latest OSX and LogicStudio updates. Oddly enough, I was able to install the VST version of Major Tom and can host it within Plogue’s Bidule within Logic Studio. Go figure. So it looks like the AU is at fault here for some reason. Any suggestions?

Also, I’ve been checking out your other AU plugs and so far all is working normally. I am really digging 1973 a whole lot (especially the low shelving and the high freq on this thing…very sweet indeed!) Also, Transient Monster sounds amazing so far on my V-Drums buss and really seems to glue all of the separate drum tracks together. And Event Horizon is really opening up the main stereo outputs buss without becoming harsh or ugly. That all being said, I have been looking for some “clean” plugs to complement my Nomad Factory Blue Tubes plugs (they have a bit darker character in a very good way) and your plugs may be just what I have been looking for. The problem I’ve run into with most “clean” sounding plugs is that they just sound too digital and sterile for my tastes. Your plugs so far have struck me as being very clean yet with a nice character to them that makes me forget that I am using plug-ins versus good outboard gear. Funny that you don’t charge more or have a more restricted trial arrangement. But to that end, I am 95% sure that I’ll be buying these plugs and I will be honoring your arrangement in due course. Also, I’m at the final mixdown stage of one of my client’s songs and will most likely have it finished up next week sometime. If I end up using your plugs on it (which so far I am liking what they are doing) I’ll be sure to post. Then the next thing for me to consider will be which plug to purchase first. But it looks like my studio budget for the next two or three months will have allocations for some new software purchases. Nicely done! Will be spreading the word around accordingly.

All the Best…


OK…I took the plunge today and bought the license for 1973. :slight_smile: Looks like I will be buying at least three more of your plugs before too long as soon as I am able.

Lovin’ that plug! Wow!

Thanks! Did you re-download Major Tom and test again in Logic? I’d swear we had our plugs working properly there… If you get a crash report, copy the data from it and email to scott at stillwellaudio dot com.


Yep…Grabbed a fresh download of it each time I tried to install it. I’ll try again sometime Saturday and will email you the crash report. Thanks!

OK…I just tried downloading it again and go this error message:

"An error occurred attempting to expand …/Downloads/

The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540)"

Is that the info you need?

That wasn’t what I was talking about…but you’re using Stuffit to expand that, aren’t you? Don’t. Just use the stock OS X “Right-click > Decompress” to expand the archive. I’ve seen that before. The archive wasn’t created with Stuffit.


For some reason I couldn’t find the “Right Click>Decompress” that you were talking about. It wasn’t an option when I right clicked or alt-clicked. But I did use something called “Archive Utility” and that worked without errors as far as the unzipping went. But then Logic kept choking on Major Tom at start-up and kept saying that MT was corrupt. So I found this thread over at Apple and got rid of the AU cache and made Logic build a new cache and all is well now and MT works fine. Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks for the help!

Well…I just grabbed the license for Major Tom. I am really liking this plug on direct bass tones as well as putting it in-line after Line6’s GearBox amp plug-in. Will post song links in due time once I get it finished off and mixed. Also, I may try it on primary vox tracks. Great plugs!!!

Next on the list is Transient Monster I think (killer on my TD-20 V-Drums set), and then Event Horizon…

Scott, these plugs are very nice indeed and they are in a class by themselves. Well done!!!




I’m own Major Tom. Use Logic Studio. Plugin works fine while working on a project, but If I close one project, then open another project that has Major Tom in it, Logic always crashes. When I restart Logic, I can then load the next project.

I tried deleting the AU cache as mentioned in an earlier post, but to no avail. This is a very repeatable crash, and only happens on projects with Major Tom.

I also own 1973, no problems with it.

Any information would be helpful.


I’ll see what I can do to reproduce the problem here, then see what I can do about fixing it.


I should add.

I’m on a Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, Logic 8.0.2, OS X 10.4.11


Just downloaded Major Tom again, noticed creation date of the component said Oct 3, 08, versus the May 16, 08 date listed on the component I had installed previously.
Just tried opening Logic projects back-to-back…did it 5 times in a row…no crash.
Thinking I may have just needed the latest version. I’ll keep checking it when I work today, but this crash has happen EVERY single time I went from project to project that had MT in it, so the fact that it didn’t crash the first time leads me to think all is well with my system now.