OSX 10.6.2, Logic 9, AU plugs are a no go for me

I am running OSX 10.6.2, Logic 9 and I can not get the Stillwell AU beta plugs to even show up in Logic 9. They show up fine in Reaper…I am stumped !! Any help would be appreciated. They are in the correct folder and I downloaded the newest betas today…still a no go…HELP !!


David Blackmon

I’m running Logic 9 on 10.6.2 and am having no problems…have you gone into the AU manager and looked to see if the plugins are listed, and if so, have you highlighted them and reset and scan selected or whatever the button is called?


I posted a new set of builds for an unrelated set of issues, but also…did you use Stuffit or something to uncompress the zip files? If you did, the plugins probably got corrupted. I use Apple’s stock Archive Utility to make the files, and Stuffit and other tools like it do appear to mess up the plugin when they unzip (maybe it’s specific versions of those tools, dunno).

Anyway, download latest beta and try to make sure that you don’t use anything except the stock Apple tools to open the zip files.


Ah Ha !! I had forgotten I had disabled those plugs in the AU manager when I upgraded to Snow Leopard many months ago !! Working fine now…thanx a million !!

David Blackmon

Oh man…

Whew, I feel better now. Thanks!



How are the Snow Leopard beta’s doing? Still working? Any show-stoppers? Am thinking I would like like to take the plunge and upgrade to Snow Leopard but would rather wait if things are still iffy for any of my third-party plugs. I’m currently using Logic 9 on 10.5.8. No problems but I need to make the switch to SL at some point. Thanks!


As far as I know, all is well. I just put new betas up with some stability fixes for a few hosts that would have crash-on-remove, or crash-on-exit…but not everyone was seeing the problem. Also, new spiffy installers now to make it easier to get started for non-technical users.

Waiting for completion of a few unrelated development things here before I slap a new version number on them and release.

1973 has been updated with a bandwidth control on the midrange…be cautious using on old projects, as it seems not all hosts honor the new default value which should have set it to the old behavior. Easy to fix if it gets it wrong (old behavior is supposed to be the new default, “Narrow”).

Save old copies of the plugins and give the betas a whirl…you don’t have to run Snow Leopard to use them.