Any news on SL compatibility?

well title says it all?

It’s now been 1 month and still no update from Stillwell. I’d have to say this is a bit poor product support. Not even a beta to get us up and running.

The Snow Leopard bug is resolved…we have been waiting for some info from third-party vendors to fix another behavior so we could roll the fixes into a single update. Since we have not received the information, we are going ahead with producing updates to fix Snow Leopard compatibility in Logic. You should see updates within the next few days, as soon as I get time to actually make new builds of the remaining plugins.

I’m sorry that you feel it’s poor support…we are certainly trying to give our customers the best value for their money possible.


this is nice to read !
the stillwell plugIns are the only reason for me not to switch to SL this time (and yes, they are worth to wait).
i dont want to call it "poor support", but sometimes it would be nice to hear about an actual status, thats all (ok, i´m a logic user, so i should know to wait, hope, pray :laughing: )

Thanks for the update. Sorry if i came off as pissy. Sometimes an update status is all that’s needed. I really love your products and was frustrated recording in Logic without my favorite Stillwell pug ins. Thanks guys.

Hey, Scott, if you figure out how to fix the problem of not being able to control DP’s transport when a Stillwell plug is the focus, give Spectrasonics a shout because Stylus RMX 1.9 is behaving the same way. Thanks!

Beta versions are available at:

They still do not have the keyboard transport fix for DP…as noted, Spectrasonics has this issue too…as do all Apple AUs that have Cocoa UIs. Still not sure if this is a Snow Leopard issue or a MOTU issue, but I’m pretty sure it’s not MY issue.


crashing live 8.0.5 on 10.6.1 during start up

but they appear to be functional once you get trhough the initial crashes???

Downloaded betas for Rocket, 1973, Vibe and BBMojo. All is as you describe. I can live with the DP keyboard probs for now.
thanks Scott for your timely and hard work.

Uh, not sure if this was mentioned before: On a whim I just put all my Stillwell plugs back into the component folder. Not the new betas, but the previous versions that are officially incompatible with SL.

They seem to work just fine in DP7/10.6.1 on an MacPro 2x2.8 GHz Quadcore Intel Xeon. And they do pass AU examination when I ask DP to re-examine the Stillwell plugs…

The only problem is they steal the keyboard from DP, so you can’t i.e. hit the space bar for play or stop when the plug-in GUI is active. But I see here that the betas do the same thing.

Other than that, all systems go…

Go figure. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s always been the case. When I posted my first message on MOTUnation about the potential issue, it was a Logic user that had reported it. Normally DP is far tougher on validating plugins than anything else I’ve run across on the Mac, but in this case it’s Apple’s own auval utility that added some new “gotta have this or else” conditions. Logic uses that utility in their AU Manager to scan plugins and enable/disable them.

The keyboard issue is, I’m afraid, going to have to be in MOTU’s or Apple’s hands…probably MOTU’s, since Apple’s own Cocoa AUs have the same issue as mine in DP/Snow Leopard.


the beta versions seams to be much more stable here with logic 9 under SL, than the regular versions in logic 8 with leo in the past.

Thanks a Lot Scott :exclamation: