No Snow Leopard compatibility !!!

Hello, Olga doesn’t pass the AU validation under Snow Leopard. My host is Logic 8. Seems the same on Logic 9.
Is there a chance to fix it quickly ? I’ve pending projects using Olga and of course no other synth to replace this beast !!
Best regards

Wow ! So many answers… Is there someone at Schwa or Stillwell interested in the point ??? Could you please answer ???

If you would look at the front page of the website, you would see your answer. We know there is a compatibility problem with Snow Leopard (it’s not an issue about which version of Logic). We’re working to fix as fast as we can.

We had no way of finding or fixing the problem until we could get our hands on Snow Leopard…which means waiting until it was released. Buying several ADC memberships so schwa and I could get access to pre-release operating systems is a fairly sizable investment for us…one that we can’t justify in today’s economic climate. Sorry.


Hi Schwa!

Any estimate of when you will have a Snow Leopard Compatibile version of Olga ready for Beta test?


Hi, any news on the update to SL ? Thanks

Hi, sorry, I posted this in another thread: please try … (or

Hello Schwa, this version works fine with SL, AU validation ok, did not tested extensively but seems ok so far, thanks for the support. Best regards.

The page of the link cannot be found !
Under SNOW Leopard, my version of OLGA work fine with Digital Performer 7.1 but impossible with LOGIC 9 _

That’s because it’s no longer beta. Just download a new version from the regular website links.


OK, the latest version is downloading on the evaluation link ?

That’s correct

You’re right, I again loaded the Plug-in and it now appears in LOGIC . Many thanks _