Stillwell, Schwa and SnowLeopard

I am testing Snow Leopard which will be available very soon but Stillvell and Schwa AU are not authorized by Logic anymore and everytime cause the crash of Logic AU valitadion utility. All my other 138 plugins and instruments are OK . Any update in the near future?

Uh…not until we can get OUR hands on Snow Leopard.



a lot of people from the business will upgrade to 10.6 right after release day (28.8.) including myself and I will prefer using your plugs ASAP.
very last beta of 10.6. is available some months so hurry up :slight_smile:)


Pre-ordered Snow Leopard, so we’ll see what we shall see.


Any updates yet? I am about to go to the Apple Store and pick up Snow Leopard but I have a project that I will be mixing over the weekend, and of course your plugs are essential :smiley:

No. Snow Leopard is just being delivered today, and FedEx hasn’t been here yet. Once delivered, I have to actually install it. Once installed, THEN I can start to debug and fix it.

I know everyone is anxious to be on the latest and greatest, but come on…putting a new operating system on right before having to launch into a production project isn’t necessarily the world’s greatest idea.

Have patience. Stick with what works for now.


Yes, I plan on holding off putting Snow Leopard on the studio Mac until after I finish this project. I’ll put it on our MacBooks and see how that goes :open_mouth:

I can tell you that both The Rocket and Bad Bass Mojo fail the AU authorization scan in both Logic 8 & 9 on Snow Leopard.
Thanks for the amazing products.

Yes, we know. ALL of our plugins currently fail auval in Snow Leopard. This is in the process of being fixed. Hang in there.