2.0 Updates

Hi Scott,

what do the 2.0 updates do. I read at kvraudio.com that 1973 eq got some new middle bell modes, but what about the other plugins :question:

No functionality updates elsewhere, just:

Adding all the latest bugfixes for graphics and host handling
Windows x64 verions of all Stillwell plugs
New .dmg-based installer for Mac plugins

The first item is already in place on the main downloads. The latter two items are in progress as I type this…there will be a notice on the front page when they’re ready.


ah, i see

when will we see osx 64bit native versions?

are there betas of 64bit native osx versions I can try?

just switched to 64bit reaper on snow leopard… the plugs work ok bridged, but native would be far more convenient!

When we get all the issues weeded out switching to a whole new version of the compiler and Apple frameworks. The jump from 10.4 -> 10.6 is not trivial in terms of coding.

None, it doesn’t even compile cleanly yet. When and if there are public betas available, a message will be posted on the forums here.

Agreed, and Logic users would love it, too, but…see above.


I just downloaded demos of all the Stillwell plugins now that they’re v2.0. But when I open up the Audio Units Manager window only the Bombardier plugin is 2.0. The other Stillwell plugins are 1.52.5. Is there a different link that I should use to get the v2.0 of your plugins?

Right-click (or control-click) on the plugin component and “Show Bundle Contents” or “Show Contents”. There should be an “info.plist” file in there. Double-click the file and look to see if the version string says 2.00.00. Be careful not to change anything in there, though…

I just double-checked and all of the plists being used say 2.00.00. The include files that have text versions of the version number all say 2.00.00 as well. I went into Logic and reset and rescanned all my plugins, and sure enough, it says 1.52.05 afterwards. Weird.

I’ll continue to dig, but there is the possibility that it’s a problem with Logic, not with my plugins.


Yep. I’m seeing the same thing as you- 2.00.00 when I show package contents, but only 1.52.5 in Logic.

Found it…there was a version string in hex in one of the include files, so I didn’t find it when I was looking for 1.52.05 (instead of 0x00013405)

Making new builds now. I’ll post on the front page of the website when updated.