x64 build betas...


This is what will become version 1.06.00 of the plugins. Please do not mention these betas elsewhere for now…I’ll make announcements elsewhere as I get more beta feedback.


Now built with Visual Studio 2008 instead of 2005.
Updated the NSIS installer to latest version.
BIG TICKET ITEM: Windows x64 builds of all Stillwell plugins are now available.

Private alpha testing has been uneventful, so I’m just going ahead and making this an open beta.


Do not email, do not start new threads, do not commune with ancient spirits looking for answers. Post here.

If you see any odd behavior, I’ll need to know your operating system, service pack level, architecture (x86 or x64), host DAW software and version, and what behavior you’re seeing that is or isn’t right.



Small issue…
The x64 installer seems to look for a VST folder in the Program Files (x86) folder, not the (64 bit) Program Files folder.

Probably because either A) the installer itself is 32-bit, or B) the VST registry key it looks for is pointing to the x86 folder.

Not sure what I can do about that, but I’ll check it out. Thanks for reporting.


Some discussion going on over here…



So far all good here! I’m digging into your plugs more deeply…good stuff. The Vibe, Rocket, and Bad Buss are favs. Rupert would love the hi shelf on the Vibe. Sounds like a bit of harmonic enhancement…but very nice.

FYI…love the display on Bad Buss. It makes it easy to understand what you’re actually doing to the signal.

Vibe EQ/vistax64/Reaperx64…GUI often comes up blank when inserted on master track, mainly when used with a “JBridged” 32 vst. Rocket doesn’t do this.

Workaround: remove Vibe EQ, insert Rocket, reinsert Vibe EQ and move to original spot in the chain.


Err…but did you actually try the 64-bit versions of the plugins? That’s what this thread is about…

Thanks for the feedback, though. I can’t make it fail on 32-bit plugin on 32-bit reaper, or 64-bit plugin on 64-bit reaper, so I’m kinda assuming this has to be a jbridge problem.


I wasn’t clear…sorry. Yes, this occurs with Vibe EQ 64. The JBridge was on someting else. FYI…this does happen somesimes (not always) with VIbe EQ 64 as the only plugin on the master. Yes, this could easily be weirdness caused by JBridge just being anywhere in the project, but it’s interesting that I’ve never had that issue with Rocket 64.

As I’m working I’ll see if I can localize the exact conditions when this occurs.