64 bit update?

Any news? Eagerly awaiting 64 bit versions of Rocket and Major Tom. I moved away from 32 bit entirely in effort to minimize potential problems in my DAW, which means no Stillwell for me until (if?) 64 bit versions are developed.

At this point I am certainly not holding my breath given the latest betas are two years old, but still holding out some hope.

We’re currently at Beta 2 of a closed beta for next version. All the updates are complete, we’re just filing the rough edges off now. As soon as they’re ready they’ll be released.

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That is fantastic news! Does that include the Schwa plugins, too?

I’ll happily beta test 64-bit AU and 32-bit VST on MacOS if you need it.



Had another quick question about the 64-bit work. I noticed some plugins are Windows-only VSTs currently. Will there be Mac AU versions of them, as well?

Everything. We intend full product parity - whatever platforms one plugin supports, they should all support (unless the product explicitly blocks something…some hosts won’t accept plugins with more than two inputs, for example)

That is awesome news! I’m excited to try some of those plugins. Looking forward to the release! Thank you for keeping us posted.


I just got a boner :astonished:

I don’t know if you realize how talented you are? I understand it is a small operation, and if you need investors to hire technicians to get the game rolling, I’m down.

I find it funny that companies like Slate, UA, IK, etc…are dropping emulations left and right at ridiculous prices. I’ve tried them. They are fine, but there is a certain something about Stillwell that I love, and miss very much.

Looking forward to using the Rocket and Major Tom…I have bought several 1176 and DBX emulations in the interum, not doing it for me. All the talk about the Slate 1073 coming, when 1973 has been doing it at a fraction of the cost for along time. Event Horizon was my character limiter…I have had to go Sausage Fattener :blush:

I could go on, but I’m getting sad. Best of luck on the upcoming release party. Looking forward to splashing the message boards and forums with the news when it happens.


Agree with that! I use the Slate products and was tempted to buy the FG-X after buying their VBC/VCC and VTM products (which I like very much). However, the Bombardier sits on my master bus all the time now and I prefer it to the FG-X I demoed. I also love the fact Stillwell encourages Reaper support by offering discounts on the plugins. So far, I have Bombardier, CMX, MajorTom, Rocket and VibeEQ but try to buy at least one a month :laughing:

When will we get the 64bit versions?

When the next version is released. It’s very close to release, which is all I can say now.

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Excited to see the release! Downloading everything now to give em a whirl. One ovservation… it looks like Psycho Dither only has a Windows version in the download drop-down.

On a side note, great job on the new site! It looks fantastic … huge improvement. :ugeek:


There is a note about Psycho Dither on the front page news and in the support matrix that’s displayed there. - that’s the only plugin destined for V3 that hasn’t been upgraded yet - we’re having some issues trying to get it brought forward with the others, so it’s kind of a work in progress. Until that’s done, we’re leaving the previous version download in place.


Whoops, I’m blind. Sorry about that. So excited to try the new goodies that I wasn’t reading everything carefully. :blush: