So 64-bit Schwa plugins are completely out of the question?

I’m going to miss them… ;(

Nope, not out of the question at all. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait.


Hi Scott
So If I understand there will be CMX64bit for OSX? :question:

There will be, yes. Formal announcement coming soon, along with much other happiness.


How soon is “soon” in stillwell/schwa-speak? :smiley:

Soon…as in, 'internal development builds are already made and undergoing testing in the secret underground laborator…oh, wait, now I have to kill you. Sorry ‘bout that.’ soon.


So no Xmas gifts this year. :frowning:

Schwa has not even visited this site since March, so I would not count on anything too soon. Scott seems to be supporting the whole company by himself.

Incorrect assumption, although I can see how you’d think that. There’s more going on than meets the eye…you shall see. :slight_smile:


In 2015? :cry:

Any news ? I’d love to be able to use CMX in a 64 bit DAW.

hey scott,
waiting for the olga update 64bit so long … any news ?
the 32bit bridge sucks totaly …

need it …


64-bit will be completely supported in the upcoming release, along with some other goodies. No, not in 2015, THIS year. Plugins are currently in private beta now…public beta as soon as we feel comfortable with it.

CMX, Olga, schOPE…all ready to roll.



Oh the suspense … for heaven’s sake take our money and release them 64 bit plugs !

any news??? this thread tells us “soon” for one year now…

So… how much longer is required?

Until it’s done, man…until it’s done. Going as fast as we can at this point, and that’s all I can say.


Will Tin Man be included in the 64-bit update? I own just about all your plugs (both Stillwell and Schwa), and believe it or not, Tin Man is the one I use most often, and would most appreciate being 64-bit. There’s nothing else like it out there…