What would you like to see next from Stillwell??

Ok thought I’d start this off. I love Stillwell plugins and particularly love Bombardier, Vibe Eq and The Rocket!!

I would love to see :-

1/ Complete Stillwell channel strip with adjustable saturation

2/ Multiband Compressor

3/ a mkII version of Bad Buss Mojo that is easier to use with a different GUI and tube and transformer modelling!

4/ a mkII version of Vibe Eq with more eq bands

What would you like to see next from Stillwell audio??

I love everything, but Major Tom is by far the most used plugin for me, as well as the most used in our studio, because it doesn’t sound like anything else. I loved the 160 VU and never saw why no one was trying to copy it, so getting Major Tom was a no-brainer. I’d like to see some other less-emulated pieces of gear with memorable sounds, i.e. SpectraSonics 610, UREI 565 Little Dipper, Echoplex. Those are all more or less specialty pieces, but they’re all definitely useful. Thanks for what you do, Stillwell!

I second the channel strip idea. I just purchased Rocket and Vibe EQ’s and love them! 1973 and Major Tom are next on my list, but I’d love to see their version of a channel strip to compete with the likes of Waves and UAD’s SSL 4k emulation. I’m not saying a direct emulation, of course. Stillwell is great at taking the highlights of classic analog gear and going in their own direction with the rest, which is both unique and cool.


I would love a channel strip with similar eq ability/flexibility as the various SSL channel plugs

// L-G

i would like to have a vibe mk2 version with

one more Band
bypass for every Band
the possibility to choose the frequency by clicking directly onto the parameterlabel

  • all Stillwell PlugIns as 64Bit Versions for Mac

OS X 64-bit is the first thing you’ll probably see out of anything mentioned so far…I’m currently working on that, along with some bugfixes.


there are bugs ?


Not if you haven’t seen them :slight_smile:. Not everybody has the same host software, same platform, same version…

Welcome to the world of software development…


hehe :mrgreen:

anyway, i use your plugIns in nearly every single channel on every project.
vibe is still my standart eq for everything, only for drum stuff i use 1973.
verbiage is still underated and also the rocket and major tom are my fovorite compressor plugs.

Some will hate me for this, but I’d love to see an alternative simple GUI/skin for the plugins.

Just a button in the corner should do, but even a separate plugin would help me tremendously.

I’m still waiting on a Stillwell multi-band compressor/expander/limiter. Put a request in for that months ago. :slight_smile:

Also agree that a Stillwell channel strip with all of the trimmings would be most deluxe.

I’d also really like to see a compressor that has the option of setting attack and release times according to musical subdivisions (eighth note, dotted eighth, quarter note, etc) based on the host tempo. As opposed to the standard ms format. Then have a means of pushing or pulling back on that with a separate knob control to help tweak it further as needed. I think a lot of people would get used to that sort of ballpark convenience when experimenting with their tracks.

BTW, I think I use 1973 on the main bus of every mix. That high freq knob is pure magic.

A good replica of the Fatso jr comp analog tape simulation…

'nuff said. :slight_smile:

Bill Evans

:confused: mh, any news about this ?

…Yamaha RA200-like ‘leslie’:


Woo! Finally solved the OS X 64-bit torture trap…literally, just today. Forward motion resumes!


What about the multi-host version of your Fairchildish with nice White Tie GUI ? Would be a good idea !

On the other hand there are still enough good musical compressors in your repertoire. So what about the multi-host version of your Reaper-exciter ? Its very good too.

I would love a more documented gui for bad buss mojo.

It would also be wonderful to have more presets available for the existing plugins. I like to use presets as a place to start.

Any new plug would be great I am sure.

Dear Stillwell,
i don´t want to stress you but is there any chance to get the working 64bit versions in this life :question: