1. analog modelled channel strip
    2. something like VibeEQ but with better control (f.e. Harrison EQ by UAD)
    3. exciter (like Character - Powercore platform)
    4. bass enhancer (like RenBass by Waves)

    These 4 plugins will let me free from dongles

Just so I have a better idea of what to think about…

  1. Define “better control”. I can go see the Harrison EQ, but I want to know what YOU mean by the term.


better control over frequencies - not only 3-4 selectable

Okay! I’ll certainly bear that in mind for future plugs. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


it need to be very accurate but extremely musical - this is the concept I think about your new EQ - VibeEQ is very musical but I often need to use also another EQ with more accurate control. I would prefere something that is very accurate when I need to fix and very musical when I need to sharp but everything in one.
today I played with VibeEQ a lot and it definitely needs switchable filter type for low end - low shelf / bell (not only low shelf)


Hello, new user here. Just got The Rocket, Major Tom and schOPE…and waiting to get the rest of the lot as soon as finances permit.
Forgive me if I bring back to life an old thread, but I wanted to chime in…just in case the idea of another EQ is taken into consideration :slight_smile:

Both Eqs sound really good, but I agree some material would need some more bands (without going paragraphic with “infinite bands”, which wouldn’t fit the Stillwell concept, I guess). So, here I go:

Low Shelf (with adjustable Q or maybe a simple “bell” button)

Low Mid, Mid and Hi Mid bands with adjustable Q, frequency and gain controls

Hi Shelf (same as LS)

HPF and LPF (would prefer a knob instead of selectable switches)

There are some optional goodies which could please some people: a saturation module, a modern/vintage switch, maybe a phase control…yes, I know: looks more like a channel strip (so just add a comp and a gate…hehe )

A Bass Enhancer and a Saturation device (tube/tape/digital) are also interesting…but I think more of Voxengo than Waves :wink:

Best regards

On a last note, the support I received after buying was OUTSTANDING…add this to the quality and feel of the plugins and you have my all-times favourite developer!