Whens the 64bit AU's

I’ve been lurking around here for awhile and have seen 64bit AU betas for like a year now. These plugins ROCK, but with Logic 9.1.5 they just crash as soon as you open the. If not immediately… as soon as you try to adjust them. I really like the EQ’s and the Bombardier but I uninstalled the demos as they are completely not usable on not only my home rig. but our studio too! When will these get the attention they deserve? Really don’t want to go Sonnox or Waves but they work.

Thanks, not trying to be rude. I just like these plugins and they don’t work. :smiley:

+1 on the 64 bit plz :slight_smile:

nothing happens :imp:

They are in the next release which will be made available when it is ready. There is more than just the 64-bit functionality to deliver…there’s a lot of work going into this. You can’t possibly want this released more than I do…it’s just a matter of finding the time to get it done.



Getting very much closer, yes.


when you get so very much closer in july, how close are we now ?

It’ll spoil the surprise to say too much, but it’s nearly there.


Dumb question… when the new version drops, will it be a paid or a free upgrade for existing users? Just trying to figure out whether to buy now or later. :slight_smile:


At this point we are intending the new version to be a free update. I haven’t seen any reason yet to charge for it. We’re hoping the new features (just wait and see… :smiley: ) will increase sales enough to make the work pay for itself.

Thanks for checking in!


so when can we expect the rocket to be in 64bit??? i can’t have more than 1 instance in logic without my 32bit bridge crashing…

The betas were going to be sent out a couple of months ago, haven’t gotten anything though…

64-bit seems to be a hard nut to crack for some companies

Some major roadblocks just cleared…literally tonight, and we have (I think) one major hurdle left to get past.

I just verified 64-bit functionality tonight in several different hosts…I could tell you which ones, but that would be cheating… :smiley:


Hi Scott just want to know if you are going to email reg users when they 64 bit versions are ready…?? also, I am running DP 8.04 in 64 and bombardier seems to be working fine…??

We have generally not sent emails to the user base because of people getting really touchy about spam…the US also has regulations about that that we’d have to comply with as a US company (I think) regardless of where the customer lives…it’s a pain.

I’ve thought about setting up opt-in mailing lists before so that people can REQUEST to receive notifications…that gets rid of most of the legal BS right there.

Anyway, the best bet is to keep an eye on the website. If I do set up a mailing list or Facebook page or something, it’ll be announced there. We’re REALLY getting freakin’ close. It’s mostly down to business issues now…I have to jump through some hoops for Apple and a few others to make things work the way they’re supposed to on latest OS releases, and that means I’m waiting on third parties.

I want to get back to writing NEW stuff!


I just now installed the new logic Pro X, and all my Stillwell plugs are gone. I assume becasue they afren’t 64 bit? The new logic won’t run 32 bit plugs

Now that Logic X is out, and it’s 64bit only, I’d assume there would be more of a push on… Rocket and Bombardier are the two best compressors in my toolbox so I’m probably going to hold off on upgrading to Logic X until the 64bit versions are ready.

Hopefully someone would kind enough to post in this thread when they’re released so we’ll all get notified!


I’ve managed to use the betas of Rocket and Bombardier with Logic X. No problems that I’ve noticed. I cant remember where I downloaded the beta of Bombardier, but I found it after searching around a while and it’s working for me.

Stillwell, you make good products-don’t let them fade away!

Also I’d be willing to pay for the updated products. it obviously takes a good deal of labor to produce the 64 bit versions–since they have been in beta for three years–and you should be compensated for your labor. I like and use the plugins and miss them. But the longer they are unavailable the more I’m likely to search around for good replacements.