New Logic ProX--stillwell gone

Just installed Logic Pro X–all my beloved Stillwell plugins are gone. No more

Major Tom
vibe eq
1973 eq

Also Schwa CMX…

Can I get them back in 64 bit please?

When they’re out of beta, you’ll get them. They’re still in beta.

they’ve been in beta for like 3+ years…

Hard to miss that–they seem to have been nearly finished for quite a while now

Maybe this will spur some results? I’m annoyed at having $100s of dollars in plugins rendered useless. Yes I could go back to Logic 9, but i’m really liking Logic X

everyday that goes by, esp now that logic and ableton are 64 bit only, stillwell and schwa will be loosing tons of current and even more future money…they should really get to work and not sleep until work is done if they love their company. just saying

They must, they have great product. But if they do not work shame shame shame.

Looks like this is the best solution for the time being (or possibly ever):

It has been confirmed working with Stillwell Plugs. Currently $79 in beta, which also includes upgrade to the full version. It stinks to have to pay the extra cash, but at least it is a solution!

Jbridge appears to have some issues under Logic 9 - does it work better in Logic Pro X?