Problems with Logic (no workey)

I have a Mac 2.4 Ghz 8 core w 14 gigs ram running OSX 10.6.8 and Logic 9.1.5

I can’t for the life of me get any Stillwell or Schwa plugins to work in Logic. I remember having them work a month ago before I got a new SSD HD and started over all over again. So far I’ve tried putting the components in both my user and the system component folders, asking Logic to rescan audio units and restarting god knows how many times. When opening Logic I can see it recognize some Schwa and Stillwell plugs but they don’t come up on the insert list OR the AU manager. What’s even nuttier, is that they open just fine within Maschine even when Maschine is being hosted within Logic! This could be a workaround if Maschine weren’t so heavy on the processor. Anyway so the files are fine but Logic doesn’t want to see them for some reason. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, I’d appreciate any and all input no matter how seemingly mundane they may be. HELP! :cry:

Iv’e also tried updating the AU manager within Logic and removing all components from the AU folder and starting Logic every time I add one back into the AU folder. The others respond where Stillwell does not. :frowning: Is there a conflict between Izotope’s Stutter Edit and Stillwell? That’s around the time they disappeared from Logic.

AT LAST!!! I fixed it. After deleting Logic, removing all AUs and reinstalling Logic, I was able to see Stillwell’s stuff in the Logis’s AU manager. From there, I had to click each one twice for Logic to fully recognise it’s existance. I did this one by one restarting Logic each time to isolate any ugly plugs. Turns out Stillwell’s Oligarc Filter was buggy so I left it be. What I’m concluding is that since I dropped all the components in the AU folder at once after starting over with a new SSD, Oligarc Filter caused the incompatibility screen to appear showing 20 something plugins that weren’t quite perfect. I must have clicked the ‘quarentine’ or ‘forget forever’ button because I was never able to see them again untill full a reinstalation of Logic. Problem solved.

Solution: 1) remove all plugins to new folder 2) delete and reinstall logic 3) reintroduce individual plugins opening logic in 32 bit mode and clicking twice on the respective plugin’s box within Logic’s AU manager to fully validate each plugin.

Looks like my one bad apple spoiled em all.

Now lets hope they don’t crash my bridge :unamused: