Stillwell plugs and Logic 64bit?

just opened a session in Logic 9.1 at 64 bit and all plugs seem to work fine except Stillwell (Vibe and Event Horizon, havent tested others) which wont pass audio and occasionally crashes the 32 bit bridge app. whats the official word on this?

The official word is that I have no idea why they shouldn’t work as long as the bridge treats the plugs like a regular host does. Evidently they don’t…32-bit Logic works fine with them. Yay, Apple compatibility! :frowning:

I’ll try to track down the problem. I have at least one user who told me that 64-bit and the bridge is working fine, which puzzles the daylights out of me.



i also had this problem.
i`ve solved this while i start logic 9.1 in 32 bit mode an rescan all plugIns in the audio unit manager.
after this, they should work just fine in 64 bit mode, too :mrgreen:

It seems that Logic 9.1.1 fixes the problem…I’m able to launch our plugins in Logic while in 64-bit mode and the GUIs work, audio passes properly, etc.

The release notes for 9.1.1 state that they made a lot of improvements to the 32-bit bridge.

It’s not always the plugin guy’s fault… :slight_smile: