2014 is coming…

Scott the new year is coming, so perhaps is it time to give us some news or some previsions about plugins updates.

I regularly visit the website and forum to see if there’s something new… but still the same news from 9 Nov 10 :cry:
On the forum I can read “we’re working, we’re a small team …don’t be impatient” .
I think you can evaluate the work you have done and so the work that remain, it would be a great to let us know.

The communication is important for us (customers) !
We have bought plugins that sound great and were working perfectly but all the host softwares and Os have been updated many times since this time.
Now I can’t use the plugins I have paid for anymore (Cubase 7.5 user inside) and I would like to see releases that make those plugins usable.

So you can perhaps take the time to answer a few questions :

Do you think that during 2014 it will be possible for you to release new version of some plugins ?
If it’s possible, which one will be updated ?
Will the new version be free for the customers that already have a licence ?
Are you developing some new plugins ?
[size=50]why don’t you update the website main page ?[/size]

Thank you

The plugin updates WILL be out in next year, or I will shave my head and join a monastery or something…

ALL of them are being updated - that’s what’s taking time.

The update WILL be free for all existing users. We haven’t charged for an update yet.

I am not currently developing new plugins because I need to finish this set of updates first, but that’s why I want to finish…I want to do NEW stuff.

I don’t update the main website because the time I take doing that is time I don’t spend coding. Once again, though, just because you don’t SEE an update occurring doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I do understand the need for communications, I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have at hand.


Thank you very much for the answers Scott

That’s good news !

Communication help us waiting a little more, it’s a way to known that the updates are one the good way :sunglasses:

Hi Scott, good to know!
I still enjoy your plugins and use them regularly, thanks for keeping up the support.

Glad to hear updates are in the works and you are willing to succumb to public humiliation in order to get things done :laughing:

Sounds like you need a team, Scott.

I’ll admit, that I have dragged my feet for as long as possible. I love the Rocket and can’t get away from it. Even if I’m not using it as a compressor, I still crank up the impetus and decadence, and use it like an amplifier with no gain reduction. Same with 1973 and Event Horizon. I use them too much. Major Tom has compressed almost every kick drum I’ve ever done. I like to send my kick into compressors, MT being one of them which gives a great big snap.

But I can’t wait anymore…

Logic 9.1.8 has become so incredibly unstable on my iMac. I get crashing and freezing constantly. It’s not the Stillwell plugs specifically, but just that everything, OS, DAWS, & plug-ins are moving forward with updates, and things do not run smoothly as they used to. Logic X has been sitting on my dock for months. I started a new project last night and had the first crash-free evening in months.

I brag on Stillwell all the time. Because you offer a free demo, without time limit, and fully functional. You get it. You know that its good, and that most people will pay to support a software developer making great products.

I wish you the best in 2014, I hope things go well for you and Stillwell. I will look forward to getting the email, or seeing a forum post somewhere about Stillwell rolling out 64-bit AU.

I have some of the best 1176ers out there, but there is just something about the Rocket…

[size=150]I would like to chime in here to encourage the updates! [/size]

I think anyone that uses Stillwell Audio Plugs has difficulty finding anything that is quite as good. I’m using a 64-bit DAW environment, but always drop down to a 32-bit environment for final mastering so I can use the Stillwell Audio Plugs.

Thanks for the kind words…we’re forging full-steam-ahead to get x64 out the door (okay, ignore the rhyme, ick), and comments like this always pump up our enthusiasm.

We’re feeling good about where we are now for the first time in a LONG time.


That is wonderful news. I still love your plugins and am very glad to see this site come to life again.

Ditto. Please I want my Bombardier in logic X. I miss it so. I own 6 of your plugs and miss them dearly. And can’t wait for what else you come up with.

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Ian hudson

I am going to buy 8 more plug ins from this website once the x64 upgrade comes. I hope it’s soon I need those tools! (Or if the x64 beta works I could splurge :wink: )

Same as the post above. I just learned about your plugins, and I’m intrigued based on feedback from friends, but can’t spend money on them until x64 updates are out. So keep us posted, and when the x64 updates are out I plan to pick up a few of them.

The beta 64 are working (for me) in Logic Pro X.
But the VST version are not working in Cubase 64bit, a problem with the licence key… and I work with Cubase :neutral_face:

I’m waiting the new version to buy a few more plugins and complete my collection : Bad Bus Mojo, Verbiage and Bombardier will be next purchase !

loorenz, I finally got a copy of at least Cubase Elements 7, so I can at least test against it and have found and fixed several issues already.

I need the full version to be able to test Sidechain and a few other features, but the worst problems I can solve now.

Next release should have you fixed up.


If you want me to send me a beta version that I try some fonctions (for example the side chain) in Cubase 7.5, send me a PM. :wink:

Second half of the year approaching, Scott! :astonished: