Rocket Crashing in Cubase 6.5 64bit


I downloaded the plugin Rocket a while ago. Just getting to testing it out, but it keeps crashing with a blank GUI.

I noticed that this may be a problem. Would love to buy it, as I think it sounds really good, but I need to know if the problem has been addressed.

Seems to me that people are reporting this problem from Cubase 5.5 through the current version of Cubase, so it’s not a version issue.



Known issue, being addressed in next release. Finally got a copy of Cubase to test against.


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Cool. Thx, let me know when you release the next update. I’ll be first in line to buy.

If you need a cubase beta tester, I’ll volunteer. I really do love your compressor. I pulled up my 32bit version of Cubase and it worked great and sounded fantastic.

email me if you need a tester.