Rocket Crashing Cubase 7

Hello all,

When I open a new project in Cubase 7 and insert the Rocket on any given insert slot, it works like a charm.

Whenever I open an existing (quite heavy on the tracks, not so heavy on the asio) project, it crashes my cubase… Doesn’t matter which channel or which slot.

Anybody have any idea why it’s not working?

Do you get ANY error message at all, or does it just poof disappear?

Hi Scott

I have experienced the same thing with cubase 5.5 and The Rocket both in 64 bit mode.

I had a project running some instances of East West’s Play libraries and some internal cubase effects.
As soon as I inserted The Rocket, a windows message popped up saying that “cubase needs to shut down”.
No error message from cubase. It just instantly crashes.

If i create a brandnew cubase project, the rocket works fine.
I read a while ago, that there were similar problems in 2010 with DAW’s crashing when going above a certain RAM threshold in 64 bit mode? Did this ever get fixed?

Oh by the way, i’m still running the 1.0 version of the rocket. I’ve never seen an “update” page on your site. Are there any new builds out? Where can i download them?

My System:
Windows 8 64 bit, 32 gb RAM, i7…so processing power isn’t the issue.