The Rocket crashes in Cubase 5, 64 bit mode

Hi there

As i mentioned in another thread. Since I upgraded to a windows 8 64 bit system, with cubase 5.5 (64 bit) installed on it, I’ve experienced crashes with the rocket compressor in 64 bit mode.

I made a new project running some instances of East West’s Play libraries and some internal cubase effects.
As soon as I inserted The Rocket, a windows message popped up saying that “cubase needs to shut down”.
No error message from cubase. It just instantly crashes.

This only seems to happen with new projects i create. My older projects where i had instances of 32 bit rocket inserted, load up fine. I can even add new instances of the compressor. Even though its actually loading up the 64 bit version since the 32 bit is not on my pc anymore.

And it seems to be rather random. Sometimes If i create a brandnew cubase project, it will load up. Most of the times it gives me the windows error message.

Also, i’ve tried to reinstall the 32 bit version compressor but cubase instantly freezes if i try to load it up.

What seems strange aswell is the fact, that cubase indicates the rocket plugin as version 1.0 in the plugin information settings even if you have the 2.0 version installed. I tried to reroute the vst path again, let it check for information updates etc…nothing worked.

As of now, the 64 bit version is unusable. And its a shame because i really don’t want to miss out on this product.