Eventhorizon crash, repeating but not repeatable.

I started testing Eventhorizon on a few projects, but adding EH while the project is playing back is very crash prone. It never happens if I just open a project, hit play and insert EH, but after fiddling with a project for a while, it is almost bound to happen. I redownloaded the plugin a few days ago just to make sure I have the latest version, no difference. I’m using the evaluation version.

Here is the OSX crash report as plain text:

MacBook Pro i5 '10, OSX 10.6.6., Reaper 3.75 32-bit.

WTF? Crashing in ProcessDoubleReplacing()? I’ll check with schwa and Justin…that shouldn’t be happening at all.


hi scott,

this is happening to me for quite a while now… it’s really annoying. please have a look at the crash report:


thanks and regards,

Hi Scott,

I am getting Event Horizon crashes with Sonar X1 Producer Expanded. Any chance of a fix.



Yessir…I have new versions in the pipeline, it’s just a matter of Real Life getting in the way of having enough time to finish them. I’m on it.


Thanks for replying Scott, much appreciated. Looking forward to the updates.



I’ve got this same bug, will we ever see an update?

I really dig the plugin, or I wouldn’t be posting :slight_smile:

Yes, you will. It bothers me even more than it bothers you, but it’s just a matter of finding time to do it. I know everyone is being very patient…I’ll try to push it up the priority stack.


Thanks for the response! I wish you luck in finding time/personal bandwidth to get back to it. EventHorizon has made its way into all of my recent projects for the nice warm clipping, at both relaxed and extreme settings. I’d love to be able to trust it more :smiley: