Scott, Helppp Registrationnn

hi Scott. i have a problem with the registration. my oder is
please you can halp??
i have iMac, with cubase 5 And Logic 8.02
in logic i have in: user/library/audio/pluins/componets/ Eventh. + key
in cubase: user/library/audio/pluins/Vst/ Eventh.
when open the event, messagge:this is an valutation copy.

The key file you received should be named 47225EVTH.key

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

It must be in the same folder as the plugin.

If you do that, it WILL work.

Beware that your email client or your ISP’s mail server has not renamed the file to something different. The name of the file MUST be 47225EVTH.key, and it MUST be in the same folder as the plugin.


sorry Scott i have ridownload the pligin and the key (47225EVTH.key)
I performed your instructions. when I open the pluigin the message appears this is an avalutation copy …
I bought with windows pc, and installed on the mac studio (leopard 10.5.6)

Email me a copy of your key file to scott at stillwellaudio dot com and I will double-check to make sure the key is working. There should be no problem with it.


Resolved via email. The key was “Reaper-only, non-commercial use” and will show as unregistered within Logic. This is correct behavior.