I cannot make it registered, please help.

I bought the event horizon yesterday, but it keeps me shutdown the Logic 8 several times. I did all the right things and still cannot.

I put the file into the right folder? I did not modify it at all.
what’s wrong with it?

Thank you.

And this page I’ve try to connect keep me looping and cannot complain anything directly to the owner yet.

Is my .key is damaged? Are you real? please do something, your product is great but not this system of register doing any help to me.


I still cannot use it, cannot register it.

my order.
Swreg Order Number: U29452051

I wonder if the page keep looping, can I refund my money?


Sammtri, please ignore that screen…that comes up whether or not you are actually registered. I need to fix that. You can tell if you’re registered by whether or not the 8-second reminder screen shows up when loading the plugin. If it show "registered to " for 2 seconds on startup, then it’s working properly.

I will remove the “Pay up, Dipstick” from the next version of the plugin…it was a joke we put in there, and I keep forgetting to take it out. Sorry!


It’s doing very well with logic 8, but please keep in mind on “Amadeus Pro” (it doesn’t work on this program(audio unit)) if you could develop it later on the next version too. Thank you.