can´t registrate

I proceeded as follows :
bought licenses (reaper only, as I´m not working commercially) for vibe EQ, Event Horizon, Major Tom and Rocket.
Received the mails with the link to download licenses - downloaded them and put them in the right (components) folder.
File name is correct ( = no .txt ending)
Then downloaded vibe EQ, Rocket, Major Tom and Event Horizon evaluation copies to make shure, I got the latest versions and put them in the component folder.
Opening logic 8.02 and when inserting plugins, the pop-up window shows up, telling me it´s only an evaluation copy.
Strangely enough this doesn´t happen for Rocket.
Licenses are : 47225-ROCK.key / 47225EVTH.key / 47225MAJT.key and 47225VIBE.key
Thanks in advance for helping me

I’m sorry, those licenses are doing exactly as they ought. Which part of “Reaper-only” is unclear? Those licenses will only show as registered when the plugins are used within REAPER, the daw from Cockos, Inc. ( The “Reaper-only, non-commercial use” license is for people that are BOTH using Reaper AND using it non-commercially…it’s not either/or.

Rocket has a different registration display than the others…if all the odometer displays are counting down when you open the plugin, it’s not registered.

This is covered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this forum here:


Sorry, I got it wrong somehow. Is there a way to “upgrade” my licenses to commercial ones ?

Yep. When I’m in the office tomorrow I’ll look up your order and send you a discount coupon that will offset the full price by the amount you paid for the Reaper-only licenses…or something like that. New e-commerce system, so I’ll have to look up how to do it. I’ll get you taken care of one way or the other, though.



Thanks a lot. And although you might have heard it before : Your plugins are really really great and the support is the best I ever encountered by far.
Thanks again.

I’ve sent you the upgrade information via email. Let me know if you don’t receive it. The upgrade order URL is good until 18 May.


I received your mail and everything´s fine and working.
Thanks again