Vibe-EQ registration has failed

Hi there,
I’ve purchased your Vibe-EQ and it works fine in the Evaluation Mode. Now I put the key file ( 47225Vibe-key.txt ) in the Mac HD component folder, but it appears as a Evaluation Copy.
I’ve downloaded a new Vibe EQ AU-copy but it’s the same. Also in the user component folder it does’nt work. It’s no other Stillwell component in the folder. Don’t know what’s wrong…
Mac OSX 10.5.6
By purchasing the Vibe there was a mistake in my second name. May be this in the key file?


Your email client has renamed the key file…there shouldn’t be a “.txt” on the end of the name. Make sure the file is named 47225VIBE.key (pay attention to the case of the letters…upper-case VIBE, lower-case key. If you rename the file correctly, it should “just work”.

The double-typed surname/family name shouldn’t be a problem, but the ö in your name might be. Accented characters in names have been known to cause our key generator to fail. If renaming the key file as mentioned above does NOT work for you, please email me at scott at stillwellaudio dot com with your order number and I will generate a different key, replacing the ö in your name with an unaccented ‘o’, which should then work properly.



Wow… without the .txt-ending it runs. Okay for the next Stillwell Plug-In’s. :slight_smile:
Very good support!
Thank you