"Reaper-only, non-commercial use license"?

What is the meaning of the “Reaper-only” license? How does it differ from “All hosts, commercial use license”? I work part-time in a recording studio and may be interested in using them in the studio. Would the Reaper-only not be the correct version for me to purchase if using in the studio? How about if I were just using it (or them) at home for personal use? Thanks for your time and help with clearing this up for me.


The Reaper-only license will only show as registered when used within Reaper (reaper.fm/ a product of Cockos, Inc.)…the plugins will WORK in other hosts, they just won’t be registered. An additional caveat in regards to this license is that it is only for non-commercial use. Use common sense…if you’re making money or trying to make money using the plugins, it’s probably commercial use. Using them in a commercial FACILITY (studio) is commercial use.

This license is specifically for hobbyists that are making music at home with REAPER for their own enjoyment…as simple as that. All others should purchase an “All hosts, commercial use” license.


Cool…got it. I had actually never heard of “Reaper” before…I had no idea that it was a DAW until I googled it…that would’ve help to answer my question almost entirely had I known that. The “commercial” and “non-commercial” part was obviously common sense, the “Reaper” part was the only thing throwing me off. Thanks for the quick response! I’ve just started testing the Bad Buss Mojo and Major Tom…both of which I love so far…which is, of course, the reason I was inquiring on the purchase. Thanks again for your help!