Stillwell GUI not closing

In DP 5.13, on OS 10.5.7 several GUIs will only lose the header when I click to close them. The body of the GUI will remain until I quit DP. This doesn’t happen on OS 4.11 ppc, only my intel imac. Anyone else?

Are your plugins up to date? Replace all of them with the latest versions, please.


Thanks for replying, Scott. I downloaded AU components and replaced the ones that were here: user/library/audio/plug-ins/components. No change. Is this the correct location?

as long as that’s the only locatioin you have them, that’s correct. You could possibly have them in your home directory/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components as well. One, or the other, not both.

I don’t have 5.13 any more to test with, but I have no problems with 6.02.

Can you create a small project that exhibits the problem and post it? I’ll see what I can do…


Forgive my ignorance but how do I post the DP file? I get “The extension is not allowed.” when I try to upload the attachment and “/Users/julianjarvis/Desktop/Stillwell Prob” when I drag and drop.

Use any anonymous file hosting platform like stashbox, and then post the URL to the file here…I don’t have a lot of space on this server, so most uploads are blocked, sorry.


I’ve never posted a file so I hope this is correct. When I downloaded it myself, I couldn’t make sense of it.