Demo functionality restrictions? (pan pots won't move...)

I just wanted to check on this before I buy these plugs. I’m running DP6.02 on a core 2 duo w/ 4gigs of ram and OS 10.5.6.

All the AUs passed DP’s scan, and all of the plug-ins will insert and affect the audio fine, but the GUI knobs are “stuck” in single position and won’t move. They seem to “wiggle” a little bit when I try to move them, but they just won’t go anywhere. Specifically, I’m using the vibeEQ and Rocket Compressor. Is this a normal behavior for the demo or a bug that I can expect in the purchased version? I can change presents on the Rocket Compressor but can’t dial in any of my own settings.

You have outdated versions of the plugins. This problem cropped up in DP 6.02 and we fixed that a while ago. Download a new copy of the plugins and make sure that you don’t have any copies of the old plugins still on your system. That should fix it up.

Our demos do not have any technological limitations at all. The only thing they do is display a nag screen that will take you to our website if you click on it. The demo version IS the full version…all the key file does is turn the nag screen into a short thank you message. Clicking on the thank you message does NOT take you to our website, it just makes it go away quicker.


Hmm…could have sworn I downloaded these recently. I suppose I could have downloaded the installers a while back and forgotten about them…my memory’s not what it used to be.

Anyway, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks, and if I can get these to work right I’ll definitely be buying these babies soon!