Hi Scott,

I’ve been testing the Event Horizon for the past week… and this is one product I could not afford to be without! Just bought my key today :smiley:

Having used Waves limiters in the past (L2, L3), I’ve got to say that this blows them out of the water! I can easily get -9.0dB RMS without ANY unwanted nasties. Snare snap, cymbals are still crisp, synths maintain their character…just gotta say WELL DONE GUYS!

When doing an A-B test with the L3 today, the L3 started to get wooly and the top end got messed up when pushed hard…but the Event Horizon just kept on taking it! Hands down the most transparent plugin I’ve come across.



You are absolutely on the money! It makes Waves look rather silly for selling their stuff for $$$ when Event Horizon does a very good job for how much? Check out my comparison and review in the ‘FX Replacement Program’ thread. Waves vs. Stillwell!

I read about Bombardier on SOS magazine. That lead me to Event Horizon. I downloaded the demo and indeed WOW! this is exactly what I was looking for. It is very musical without being some vintage/famous hardware wannabe. Congrats!