Five years of Mastering with Event Horizon

It occurs to me, that I have been using Event Horizon for about 5 years now. It goes on my master bus during production and mixing to protect my ears, and it goes on my master bus during mastering to enhance my loudness, and finalize my tracks.

Never, have I had an experience like I had today!

I was demo’ing a new plugin bundle, and I was checking out a reverb… When all of a sudden I must have stumbled upon a bug in the demo, and my volume shot way up!! I am so sure, that if Event Horizon was not part of my Project Templates I would have killed my monitors and seriously injured myself today!

Today was the most interesting day, I’ve ever had with, “Event Horizon.”

When my levels were so apparently, “through the roof,” and my system was apparently having a problem, I checked my master track, and sure enough, EVH was there… Working, just like its supposed to!

Yeah… I’ve been mastering with EVH for five years now… And there are more expensive limiters with, “bells and whistles, and k metering and special buttons and knobs,” but there is nothing that has the same functionality, and musicality as Event Horizon!!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci