Very Good

Event Horizon did a great job at raising the overall rms level of some tracks I was mastering. To be honest, I was expecting it to be good but I was very suprised to see it go beyond my expectations. I was able to push the tracks into the -9 to -8.5 rms range without distortion or losing the snare.

Good job!

Within its limits, Event Horizon IS super-transparent. It’s not going to push it up into the -6 or -5 dB RMS territory that seems to be so popular today…but then again, it isn’t intended to. I am declining to provide armament to the loudness war. :wink:


I found Eventhorizon browsing on the net.

I have to say I NEVER, I mean NEVER heard a VST with a performance like Eventhorizon

It made my music so loud and tight.

very good job



didn’t want to start a new fanboy thread, so I’ll just tack it on here. Event Horizon is just rockin. I am really growing fond of stillwell plugs.

I confess I have not bought any yet, but I will soon. I promise.

absolutely amazing plug in. how loud would you like to go ?