Finer resolution feature request

I just registered Event Horizon today after trying it out for a few days, it’s a great plugin!

Since the blurb on the site makes a big thing of it being meant for transparent loudness increase as opposed to all out squashing and distortion, and because I am using it to try and get as transparent results as possible (never limiting more than 3dB past 0dBFS) in mastering applications, I was hoping that a future update might include more resolution in the controls.

For example, the threshold goes down to -30dB, something I can never see the need for. Wouldn’t -12dB be a better theoretical maximum for the use for which it was designed?

Secondly, and for me most importantly, the Soft Clip parameter goes from 0 to 6dB, but I can hear quite a difference between 0 and 0.1dB (the smallest increment possible), and by the time I get to 0.6dB the effect is becoming too strong/coloured for my taste on most material. I would really love for this control to have finer resolution in the lower registers.

Just some ideas for a future update, but I am very happy with the ease of use, sound and price of this excellent plugin!

Best wishes,

Gregg at Hermetech Mastering

I would more likely have to make a “mastering” version of the plugin, since changing the shape of the curve (effectively like changing from a linear to log pot in an analog circuit) would break existing projects, as would changing the range of a control.

That being said, it’s not impossible that I’ll do that in a future update. Thanks for the input.


Thanks Scott, that’s great to know!

…and i’d also like to second the request for an oversampling mode!

a complete “mastering mode” with finer resolution and oversampling etc., would be marvellous!

Great suggestion, but not about the -12 threshold limit. There are cases where you might have a very low volume track. Of course you can run something like FreeG before the limiter, but you should’nt have to… -20 sounds better.
By the way, if it is a mastering edition maybe it can have more options, like a release control (not necesserily a fixed released , it can be program dependant but you can control the response to be faster or slower) and also a meter that shows the exact gain reduction
This thing is great, I think Mastering Engineers will love it.
And a question, is there any difference in V2 ? or just compatibility with W7 etc

Well, in order to have finer resolution, you really must have a smaller range. It’s not difficult in that case to add simple gain ahead of the plugin, so I’ll have to disagree on that point (re: Threshold).

In the design of Event Horizon, release time isn’t an adjustable parameter, so there is no need or, indeed, way to adjust the release time.

GR metering should be possible.

Please bear in mind that we’re speaking about possibilities here…none of this is a promise to produce any such version. I agree that all of this would be useful, but there are a limited number of hours in the day.


that would be awesome. really the only thing i miss on that otherwise killer plug-in!