Gain Reduction Meter?

I’ve just purchased Event Horizon after demoing it for a while. Love it so far!!

Only thing I’m missing is some sort of meter or display for the amount of gain reduction. It’s very hard to judge it by looking at the very fast bouncing needles.

Is it planned to implement it in future releases? Would be nice!

Best regards

It’s been asked for before. I don’t make commitments about future plugins or features, but I’ll certainly consider it.


A second strong recommendation for an easy to read peak meter. I find I’ve got DP’s meter bridge going and Spectrafoo’s meter up to see what’s really going on. Scaleable would be nice, but in the context of this plug I’d probably guess -12 to 0 dB FS would work. Bonus points for more definition at the top dB or two.

The VU type here, and in Major Tom and Rocket are interesting, but not terribly useful. MT works the best, given the compression style. The jobs I’m using Rocket for create extremely fast meter movement, and the VU is really hard to see at all. Also, if you are on a session that is really pushing CPU limits (50+ 96K tracks), a peak bar-graph type meter leaves a more useful residual footprint once the video starts to bog down. The VU needle just disappears altogether in that case.

As a possible gripe (absolutely no insult intended), I’d add that I have a lot of nice vintage VU meter gear to look at already, and I find the warm and fuzzy vintage VU imagery to be somewhat inappropriate given the task and context of the plug-ins, and more about a branded visual look than actual functionality.


Thanks Scott. I do think the plugs are very good; only hope to add feedback that would make them more universally useful.