Attack and Release settings?

Any chance of a Major Tom version with attack and release controls?

This has the absolute potential to be a goto work horse for everything if it gets these controls.

Well, it wouldn’t be Major Tom if it HAD attack and release settings, so no…but keep an eye out for another comp in the near future that should fill that gap quite well.


True True,

One more question Scott. On the GR meters there is 0db to +10 area before the negative numbers. If the GR meter is moving from +10 to 0, then am I applying 10 db of compression?


Actually, there are two scales on the output/gr meter. When in GR mode, the meter uses the bottom scale, which goes from 0 to -15, with divider marks at -5 and -10. If you’re seeing the meter move from +10 to 0 on the TOP scale, you’re getting roughly 2.5 dB gain reduction.

Hope that helps.


Got it, thanks.

PS. If you have room for or simply need beta testers for your new plugs let me know.

AHHH, I should have known this better… Well, now I know

Ok you win.

Bought Major Tom and Vibe EQ today.

Bad Buss Mojo is next.

Thanks for writing awesome affordable plugins.