Rocket speed

I never tried the Rocket because the description touts it as mostly a really fast compressor. I rarely use compressors set that fast. But I finally tried it out the other day and loved the sound of it. I also was surprised that it didn’t sound as “fast” as I expected on most settings. Is there something different about the way the attack works?

I’m on the fence now since I loved the overall sound. Is another compressor in the pipeline that will have the character with longer attacks? It doesn’t seem the same as Major Tom, am I fooling myself? Please let me know if I am.

I love that your plugins have a sound. Finally. I so tired of plugins that “sound like classic gear X, only a lot cleaner and with smoother extended frequency response and more transparent” or some nonsense like that. Clueless.


Well, here goes…

Yes, the compressor really is as fast as it’s labeled. No Jedi mind tricks in the attack…it’s just fast.

I’ll likely have other compressors coming out eventually, but they will probably not be variations of The Rocket. Some of what I’ve learned in making The Rocket will probably influence the design of future plugs, but anything I make next will definitely be its own thing.

The Rocket is definitely not the same sound-wise as Major Tom…not by any stretch of the imagination. You’re not fooling yourself.

Thanks for your comments, I’m glad you’re digging the plugins!